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Simple Allergy Tips From HayMax: These are just a few ideas on how to reduce pollen exposure in the home.

  • Stay indoors on dry, windy days.
  • Exercise outdoors after a rain shower – helps clear the air!
  • Though the weather may be beautiful, keep your windows and doors closed during peak pollen season.  Pollen can settle into your carpet, drapes, furniture, and bedding.
  • Remove your shoes at the door when you come in from outside. You want to keep from dragging pollen through the house.
  • Filters!! Consider HEPA filters for your home and your vacuum. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air  (HEPA) filters can greatly reduce pollen in the air.  Change them regularly.
  • Hire a teenager, or someone, to mow your lawn during the peak pollen season.
  • Keep your pet off the bed during peak pollen season. And be sure to wash Fido weekly to remove pollen that gets trapped in fur!

Here’s to a less sneezy, itchy, drippy Spring!




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