Heading Off To College

Nitty Gritty Basics For The Dorm Room


What do you pack for your first time in college? The Diva shares some simple basics for the dorm room that are “mom recommended” for college freshmen! Use this as a starting point for your student, taking into consideration their wants and likes!

This video is part of the series, “Heading Off To College” — simple tips & helpful hints to make it easier to send your students off to college!

SSD Dorm Basics


Simple Graduation Gift

As high school seniors graduate, they get to look forward to many new adventures; on those adventures, memories are made! Give the new graduate in your life a simple gift: A Memory Box to save all those new memories!

The Memory Box is for saving things like ticket stubs from concerts, events, and movies that have meaning to your new graduate.

This is a VERY simple project – the hardest part is finding the right shadow box – a top-loading shadow box that will allow the owner to just drop in their ticket stubs into the box. (I’ve made it easy for you by providing a link at the end of this post to where I found my box.)

Shadow Box 2

I found a great quote on memories and dreams that I thought would work well, and printed it on paper. Cutting the paper to fit the inside/back of the shadow box, I glued the quote on the inside, then replaced the back on the shadow box. Simple as that!

Shadow Box 1

Here is a link to one of the shadow boxes on

Shadow Box 3

Create A College Emergency Kit


You get that dreaded call from your college freshman, “Mom, I’m sick! My head hurts!” (or stomach, or ears, etc.). What can you do? Send them off to college with an emergency kit, full of items they can use to combat some of the simplest, (yet most annoying) of health problems!

The Diva shows you how to assemble a kit, with Mom-Recommended items that might help your student help themselves!

Note: Items in the kit are suggestions – choose items that are appropriate for your student. If you know they have allergies, add in allergy medicine you know works for them. You know they get a sour stomach during mid-terms? Pack in some tummy meds that you know work.

This video is part of the “Heading Off To College” series, featuring simple tips and helpful hints to make it easier to send your students off to college!

SSD Emergency Kit

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