Rainy Day FunRain putting a damper on your kids’ summertime fun?  Simple Solutions Diva has some fun and active ways to keep kids entertained! Try one of these themes to keep them busy!



Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Game Day Fun:

Indoor Scavenger Hunt – A little preparation ahead of time will make this something easy to pull together when you need it! This is a great way for the kids to have fun and maybe even work together to solve some clues!  Think of “Eye Spy” in your own home. Being as creative as you can (maybe even do a poem), describe an item in the house the kids have to find. Once they find the item, the next clue will be there. Make them run up and down stairs, climb under beds, etc. Each clue answer brings them to the next clue. The kids can work together as a team or as individuals to solve the clues. Make the prizes at the end enjoyable for both you and the kids – homemade cookies, trips to the bowling alley, or other appealing activities!

Can of Sardines – This game of hide and seek has you finding the person who is “It”, but instead of announcing you found them, you cram into the same space with them and wait. The last person to find them is the next “sardine”!

Broom-Hilda, Created by Russell Myers.
Broom-Hilda, Created by Russell Myers.

Broomhilda The Witch – Broomhilda The Witch is a game I used to play with friends MANY years ago (I will not divulge exactly how many!). The play area should be a circle of some sort, maybe around a table or big space cleared in a family room.  The person who is “It” (the Broomhilda) is blindfolded and given a broom to hold upside down. The others quietly hide in spaces within the circle/play area. The lights are dimmed and “Broomhilda” begins her slow and careful march, banging the broom handle on the ground with each step, letting the others know she is coming. “Broomhilda” can say anything to make the others giggle, giving up their hiding place. If she finds you, you are out. If you are the first one to be found, you are the next “Broomhilda”.

Mini Marshmallow Popping Contest – Plastic cups, mini marshmallows, scissors and balloons are the simple items you need for this project/game. Cut off the bottom of the plastic cup with the scissors. Take a balloon and tie off the balloon. Using scissors, cut off the top of the balloon and attach the part of the balloon with the knot onto the open bottom of the cup. Make sure it fits tightly onto the cup, bringing the knot almost flush with the bottom of cup. Repeat the process for as many players as you have.

Take a mini marshmallow and place in the bottom of the cup, fitting it into the knotted part of balloon. Pull the balloon down and “pop” the marshmallow out of the cup. The person who can shoot the marshmallow the farthest is the winner.

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. — Dolly Parton

Camp Out in The Family Room:

This theme is always my go to favorite!

Make Microwave S’mores – So simple and easy! Assemble your s’mores fixings (graham cracker, chocolate piece, marshmallow, and another graham cracker on top!) on a microwave-safe plate and microwave until the marshmallow gets big. Keep a close watch on them — 15-30 seconds, depending on your microwave.

Make An indoor “Camp Fire” -Use yellow, orange and red tissue paper to create a “torch” using a flashlight. Perfect to use in those tents you make with blankets and chairs! 

Campfire Torch

Communications Fun – Make 2 tents and have the kids make a communications system  using the old idea of two cans (or cups) with a string between them!

Tea Party:

The Table – Set a beautiful Tea Party Table on a table or maybe even on a blanket. Consider using the china – great time to teach the kids to be gentle with things!

The Guests – Have kids create a character they will be. This is a great way for kids house their imagination. Have them create that character’s silly back ground. Have the kids:

  • Speak in funny accents.
  • Dress up in mom and dad clothes.

The Food – Serve tea sandwiches (any sandwich that has the crust cut off and is cut into four small, triangular pieces can be a tea sandwich) and tea (or favorite beverage).  

Baking Day:

My personal feeling: Anytime you can make real, homemade baked goods (from scratch) with the kids helping will be a special time. With so many boxed dessert products out there, it is nice to show your kids what real homemade cookies taste like!

Bake Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies or brownies

– Use some of the cookies (or brownies) to make Ice Cream Sandwiches, then roll the edges in different toppings. 

photo 1-4
Ice Cream Sandwiches from SimpleSolutionsDiva.com.

Want A Few More Ideas?

Screenshot 2014-07-17 08.03.25Bright And Ready: If you need some simple ideas on what to do with the kids (without having to spend a lot of money), check out the Activity and Learning Decks from Bright and Ready. They have terrific and creative ideas to encourage your child to learn and grow!  They have a variety of activity decks for babies, on up to 9 years old.



Thank you to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me on to speak about these fun activities!


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