Image 12When my kids were babies, I knew that I would regret not having something that had their hand and footprints. Somehow, in my baby hormone-induced mind, I managed to come up with a cute idea that I still treasure today. A “Cup Of Love” was created in a pottery painting studio.  I chose the cup I wanted, chose my colors, then brought my babies in (my 21 month old and 1 month old at the time).  I took my oldest’s hands, painted them, and had her hold the cup on either side.

I painted a heart in the bottom of the cup and wrote on the outside of the cup, then I painted my baby’s foot, pressed it on the bottom of the mug and put the date. I came back to put the glaze on it, then the pottery studio took it from there!

I did the same project for grandparents, but wrote a “Cup of Love For Nana”, “Cup of Love For Papa”, etc. Cute little gifts that people will save forever.  I drink from this mug once a year – on Mother’s Day!

Note: In my warped sense of humor, it could be funny to do this again with my TEENAGERS’ hands and feet!  Of course, I would have to wrestle them down to do it!

Cup of Love

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