Everyone loves a good game or activity to do with their kids – even better when it is a Halloween party! Here are a few favorites from our family! One of our children has an October birthday, so we often had a Halloween-themed party when she was little. Thanks to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me on to share these activities!

Toilet Paper Mummy Race

TP Mummy Race
TP Mummy Race

Break into teams of three (or four) people. One person in each group is the mummy. Using toilet paper rolls, wrap up the person head to toe to look like a mummy. The first team done wins!

Eye Of Newt Relay Race

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Who’s Looking At You? Eye Of Newt Relay Race!

Purchase chocolate eyeballs (or use white grapes!), enough plastic spoons for each participant. Divide the participants into teams of three people or more. Each team splits in half and separate with about 10 feet between the two groups. They face each other. Put two “eyeballs” into the starter’s plastic spoon and begin the relay race – first person runs the 10 feet to their partner, passes the eyeballs from their spoon to their partner’s (without using their hands), and then that partner runs back across the 10 feet to do the same with the next team member. If they drop an eyeball, they need to pick it up with the spoon, not their hands. First team to pass their eyeballs through all their team members wins!

Pass The Pumpkin

Pumpkin Relay Race
Pumpkin Relay Race

Divide kids into equal teams. Each team lines up so you have each team member behind the next. Give the person in front of the line a pumpkin (you want it somewhat big, but not too big for the age group!). At the count of three, first person in line passes pumpkin backwards over their head to next in line. That person then passes it through their legs to the next person – they alternate like this until the end! First line to finish wins!

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