What I loved about this project is I used items I had hanging around the house, so there was no expense involved in the project!


There’s just something about the romance of “bleeding” candles really screams Halloween!


SSD Halloween Candles 4
Ghoulish Halloween Candles from SimpleSolutionsDiva.com


What You Need:

  • White candle of choice – I used used pillar candles that I was about to get rid of, but you can use brand new candles as well.
  • Red candle – Make sure the candle you use is NOT a dripless candle! I used red tea lights I had hanging around (I had a bunch left over from Christmas).


Place white candle in or on candle holder of choice. Light the red candle, and very gently drip the hot wax down the sides of the white candle until it looks ghoulish enough to your liking!  That is it!

So simple, yet so creepy!

SSD Halloween Candles 2
Bleeding, Ghoulish Halloween Candles from SImpleSolutionsDiva.com.


  • As with any project that involves a flame, keep lit candles in a safe place, away from potential fire hazards.
  • Do not leave home with candles lit – you don’t want to come back from trick or treating and find your house in flames!
  • Supervise children if they are doing this project. Hot wax and flames can be harmful to children, their clothes, their hair and eyebrows! (Take it from someone who lost an eyebrow as a kid!)



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