Screenshot 2014-10-18 10.32.58Halloween is coming and the kids all want costumes, right?  But who has the money to buy expensive ones that will be worn once? Well, I found the solution!  My friends at Dollar Tree asked me to create some fun and inexpensive Halloween costumes using items from their stores! Best thing about it? Everything is a $1 at Dollar Tree, so you and I leave happy because we didn’t have to break the bank this year!

How To Get Creative Ideas

Before you head to Dollar Tree, I recommend you browse Pinterest for Halloween costume ideas for kids (here is a link to some great costumes). This really helps you get your creative juices flowing. When you get to Dollar Tree, you can see what is available in your store and then apply it to some of the Pinterest Ideas.

My Costume Ideas


Dollar Tree Cowgirl by
Dollar Tree Cowgirl by Total Cost: $5

Cowgirl: Cowgirls have style, too! I’ve used a shirt, leggings and pink bandana our adorable model already had. I added items from Dollar Tree – Pink Cowboy hat, cowboy vest (black and white), Pink Tutu (I’m using two so it is fluffy!), black and white houndstooth bow w/pink trim (for cowboy hat). Total Cost: $5


Dollar Tree Military Man by
Dollar Tree Military Man by Total Cost: $4

Military Man:  For our Mighty Military Man, I paired a long sleeve black T-Shirt with these items from Dollar Tree – Camo helmet, camo vest, military action play set, walkie talkie. Total Cost: $4


Dollar Tree Knight by Total Cost: $5
Dollar Tree Knight by Total Cost: $5

Knight: I had so much fun creating this costume! I used a long sleeve, black T-Shirt, then added from Dollar Tree – Knight Chest Plate, knight shield, knight gloves, sword, black ninja hood with red trim removed, Creepy Cloth. Total Cost: $6


Dollar Tree Flower Pot Costume by Total Cost: $9
Dollar Tree Flower Pot Costume by Total Cost: $9

Flower Pot:  This sweet little costume blossomed when put on our adorable model! She brought the white shirt and green leggings from home, and I added from Dollar Tree – Blue beverage tub with handles (bottom cut out), red and yellow silk flower stems (6 total duct-taped to the inside of the tub), green grosgrain ribbon for suspenders(also duct-taped to inside of tub), orange sparkle headband with 2 of the flowers hot-glued on it. Total Cost: $9

Don’t Forget Halloween Accessories, Too!

Dollar Tree has a very wide assortment of glow sticks, bracelets, wands and other glowing accessories that are not only fun and fashionable but will keep your family safe this Halloween season. Plus, they have some great looking candy pails, including my favorite – the Glow in The Dark Pumpkin Pail! All for a Dollar!

Additional Costume Ideas


Dollar Tree "Elsa" Costume by Total Cost: $4
Dollar Tree “Elsa” Costume by Total Cost: $4


Improvised Elsa Costume: The hottest little girls costume this year is Elsa, from Disney’s Frozen. While I was at Dollar Tree, I found the perfect pieces to create the must-have costume of the year!  Pair this little costume with a white, long-sleeved leotard and tights (or  long-sleeved white T-shirt, shorts and tights)! Dollar Tree Items used – 2 blue tutus, one package snowflake forms (glued on with hot glue gun), one blonde “hair extensions” headband (braided). Total Cost: $4

For More Information

Check out a Dollar Tree store near you and you will be even more amazed at what one dollar can buy. Dollar Tree is my Halloween headquarters – a one-stop shop for affordable spook-tacular decorations and costume accessories. Happy Haunting, I mean, Hunting!

To shop for more products for Halloween or the upcoming Holidays, visit your local Dollar Tree store or visit  For terrific project ideas (with details on the products used to make them!), visit their project website at!

Thank you to Dollar Tree for sponsoring this project, and to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for bringing us on to model the costumes! And a BIG thank you to our wonderful child models!

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