Spring Fever!

Spring Fever: Perk Up Your Spring Cleaning Routine!

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Young Living's Thieves CleanerYoung Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner – This aromatic cleaner is made of essential oils from Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon, and Oregano – a combination sure to lift your spirits as you tackle tough cleaning jobs around the house. Click Here to see more information on the story behind the product.

Boston Warehouse

Boston Warehouse – This is the site if you are looking for unique, fun products for the home. From adorable ceramics and entertainment serving pieces to cleaning tools with a bit of whimsy, this is the site to explore! Click Here to see what they have to offer.

Spring Fever = Spring Cleaning!

Consumer Reports ShopSmartMag.orgGetting ready to tackle the big spring cleaning jobs around your house, but don’t want to spend a fortune on commercial cleaners that may, or may not, work?  Consumer Reports (April 2013) recommends three, tried and true, homemade recipes for cleaners that are inexpensive and easy to make!


 All-Purpose Vinegar Cleaner: Good For Counters

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup water

1.  Combine the vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

2.  Shake well to blend

All-Purpose Soapy Ammonia: Use on Walls and Floors

  • 1/2 cup household ammonia
  • 1 teaspoon mild liquid dishwashing detergent (without bleach)

1.  Combine the ammonia and liquid dishwashing detergent in a bottle.

2.  Shake well to blend.

3.  Dilute in 1 gallon of water for use on walls and floors.

Glass-And-Window Cleaner

  • 7 pints cold water
  • 1/2 cup soapy ammonia
  • 1 pint rubbing alcohol

1.  Fill a 1- or 2-gallon bucket with the water. Carefully add the ammonia and rubbing alcohol (See Safety Tips below).

2.  Mix well and pour into spray bottles. The mixture should clean glass well and leave few or no streaks.



  • Never mix bleach with ammonia, vinegar, or other acids. Those combos can produce deadly gases.
  • Always wear gloves to protect skin.
  • Store safely. Keep all cleaners, including homemade ones, well labeled. Store them away from kids and pets.
  • When working with chemical cleaners, check warning labels, open windows and doors, and keep kids and pets far away from where you’re cleaning.
  • Try a cleaner in a hidden spot before using it on a surface for the first time.





Spring Fever: Drug-Free Allergy Relief

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Simple Allergy Tips From HayMax: These are just a few ideas on how to reduce pollen exposure in the home.

  • Stay indoors on dry, windy days.
  • Exercise outdoors after a rain shower – helps clear the air!
  • Though the weather may be beautiful, keep your windows and doors closed during peak pollen season.  Pollen can settle into your carpet, drapes, furniture, and bedding.
  • Remove your shoes at the door when you come in from outside. You want to keep from dragging pollen through the house.
  • Filters!! Consider HEPA filters for your home and your vacuum. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air  (HEPA) filters can greatly reduce pollen in the air.  Change them regularly.
  • Hire a teenager, or someone, to mow your lawn during the peak pollen season.
  • Keep your pet off the bed during peak pollen season. And be sure to wash Fido weekly to remove pollen that gets trapped in fur!

Here’s to a less sneezy, itchy, drippy Spring!




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