SSD Daylight Savings
Whether you are a parent trying to help your child, or you are just not a morning person, Daylight Savings time can really throw people for a loop – you lose 1 hour of sleep, it makes you groggy! It is well documented there are many more car accidents, more workplace accidents, and more heart attacks on the Monday after Daylight Savings! So here are a few tips to Survive Daylight Savings Time:

Start The Transition Tonight! It’s Wednesday – you have four days to get adjusted! Get the kids to bed (and yourself!) 15 minutes earlier each night through Saturday. Get yourself up 15 minutes earlier each morning. This will help reset your internal clock. Plus, avoid the TV, computer screen and phone screen at least one hour before bed – the screen glow interferes with your sleep rhythms. Use the time to relax – do a little yoga, meditation, or read a book.

Eat A Little Earlier Just like your sleep schedule, adjust your meal schedule throughout the week to get you used to the time change. And eat a little lighter.

Get Your Early Morning Vitamin D! Step outside early in the morning and get some sun exposure on your face! This will help adjust your circadian rhythm to the earlier time.

Work Out In The Early Part of The Day Exercise will help tire you out for the evening. But be sure to do it in the morning – later in the day will actually stimulate you, rather than relax you.

Nap! Sometimes, you are just so sleepy you have to take a nap. Well go ahead and take one. But make sure it is early afternoon, and is no more than 20 minutes. Set a timer on your phone or your kitchen timer to keep from oversleeping.

SSD Daylight Savings Tips

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