SSD CabanalifeThe heat and sun of summer is upon us, and you know, you’ve got to protect your skin! Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting Melissa Papock, owner of, a line of SPF 50+ clothing and beachwear. A fantastic person and a wonderful clothing line!

Melissa’s journey to a sun safety clothing line is unique – she was a merchandising expert in New York, working for top fashion and beauty magazines. But then, at age 26, she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

After fighting the big “C” she began her quest to find, and ultimately CREATE, a stylish line of sun protective clothing. It is adorable, preppy and colorful!

Being the great person she is, Melissa is offering a Friends & Family Discount for readers – 25% OFF your on-line order!! Simply plug in the code CABANA25 at checkout! So take advantage of this terrific deal and protect your skin (and your children’s!).

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