We love our pets, and Simple Solutions Diva has been on the lookout for great solutions for our pets.  Here The Diva’s Round Up For Popular Pet Products, starting with the dogs in your life (Click on photos for product information):

Kong On/Off Squeaker BoneA squeaker Toy with an On/Off Switch!  How many times do you wish you could make your dog’s favorite toy stop squeaking? Well this is the toy for you! From dog toy maker, Kong, this squeaker can be turned off when you want it off! Click the photo to the left to see where to get the toy.





DIY Mosaic Pet Bowl Coordinate Your Pet Food Bowl With Your Decor – Create to have a style upgrade for your pet food  bowl! Click the photo to see how to make a pet food bowl to coordinate with your home!




Slow Feed Plastic Bowl

Fido A Fast Eater? Slow Him Down With This Bowl – This food bowl design will get your pup to slow down at mealtime, instead of gulping or inhaling food.  Prevent Bloat, the second leading killer of dogs in the U.S., behind cancer.


Surefit Reversible Pet Cargo Mat



Car Covered In Canine Fur? This is the simplest solution, yet! Surefit, the slipcover company, offers this reversible pet cargo mat.  Fido enjoys the back of the car, and you are happy to keep the fur to a minimum!




Frontgate Indoor/Outdoor Surfin' Doggie Bed

Surf’s Up For Fido – Enjoy spending time with your pup by the pool?  Give her a place to lay down that’s not overheated by the sun.  This doggie bed is from Frontgate Catalog, and is a perfect item to place by the pool.




Feline Fun!

Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants


Challenge Your Kitty With Catnip – The Four PawsSuper Catnip Crazy Pants has catnip sewn into the INSIDE of the pants.  A sure fire way to entertain your kitty AND you!




Twitch Interactive Cat Teaser Toy


Fun For Your Feline Friend – The Twitch, Interactive Cat Teaser Toy will keep your feisty feline entertained for hours!



Cat's Contour Ceramic Cat Bed




A Cool Place To Chill – We all know how our cats LOVE to sleep in sinks. Well now, you can give your furry friend a cool place to lay down and not have to share your bathroom sink!



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