This is your summertime PSA, and you are welcome!

Ok, I admit this is kind of an unusual post for me. (And it is NOT a sponsored post!) But I view it as a summertime public service announcement (PSA) for all of us who don’t have a thigh gap. What is a Thigh Gap? Barbie is here to illustrate:

thigh gap
Thigh Gap: When Thighs Don’t Touch When Standing with knees together – usually someone who is 95 pounds and 2% body fat! AKA: Something I haven’t experienced, I don’t know, since maybe I was 8 years old!


I was inspired to do this post while on a college tour with my youngest. It was extremely hot and humid, and my skort (skirt with built-in shorts) was not keeping my thighs from rubbing together! Talk about uncomfortable! So when I got home, I decided to find out how to prevent that chafing. My friends who are runners & bikers probably know this already, but it was all new to me!

So if you, like me, are not aware of how to stop the bane of summer, enjoy and learn! You are welcome!


SSD Chafing

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