Looking to keep the kids busy and entertained this summer? Have them make their own sidewalk chalk! This project only uses 3 ingredients and will provide hours of fun once the chalk has set! Turn those artists loose on the driveway or sidewalk and they will have a ball!

What You Need:

  • Water
  • 1/4 cup Tempura Paint PER COLOR (multiple colors)
  • 1 Cup Plaster of Paris PER COLOR (find this in any craft store)
  • Disposable cups – One per color you plan to use
  • Plastic spoons or wooden popsicle sticks, something to stir that you can throw away
  • Molds – It is best if you can find shaped, silicone ice cube molds or use just plain ice trays.


Place 3/4 cup water in the disposable cup. Add 1/4 cup tempura paint. Mix well using the plastic spoon or popsicle stick. Add 1 cup Plaster Of Paris. Mix thoroughly until most of the lumps are dissolved. SHould look like the consistency of really thick pancake batter.

Repeat the process with each color of paint you plan to use.

Pour the colored mixture into the molds. You can use one color per mold section OR you can add multiple colors to each section (just don’t stir the colors – you will get a muddy-looking chalk piece.

Allow to dry in molds for 24 hours; gently pop chalk out of molds and allow to dry another 24 hours.

Now go have a ball drawing on your driveway with your kids!

I found this recipe on PrincessPinkyGirl.com – check them out because they have some great ideas PLUS they featured some GREAT sidewalk chalk art!


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