Simple Halloween Craft ideas for kids are the best! I especially enjoy making things that are not expensive – utilizing items from around the home! Thanks to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me on to share these Halloween ideas!

Spider Pops

Halloween Spider Pops from

Got Black pipe cleaners, Tootsie Roll lollipops, little wiggly eyes, and glue? Then you have the makings of spider pops! These are super simple and the kids don’t need much help. Take your Tootsie Pop, and wrap 4 black pipe cleaners around the stick near the base of the lollipop. It will now look like the spider has 8 legs – bend each leg to look realistic. Glue on a pair of wiggly eyes and there you have it – Spider Pop!


TP Mummy Roll

Halloween Toilet Paper Tube Mummies from

Something about these little guys makes me grin – maybe it is their wiggly eyes!  Simply take an empty toilet paper tube, draw a black rectangle near one end.  Using strips of paper towels (1/2 inch wide strips work well), wrap the tube up like a mummy, gluing as you go and leaving an opening so the black is exposed. Next, taker a pair of wiggly eyes and glue them in place.


Paper Plate Monsters

Halloween Paper Plate Monsters from


A white paper plate, glue and construction paper shapes, plus candy corn, will make this craft go “Boo”! I cut out several different body styles for monsters – each in a different color construction paper. I cut out black mouths, white eye balls in different shapes. I glued the bodies on different plates, glued the black mouths on, then I had the kids pick their favorite eyeballs (I drew different irises on each eyeball!) and design their monsters.  I offered candy corn as teeth, which were glued in place! The kids drew the arms and legs of their creature! Kind of creepy/cute aren’t they?!

Halloween Paper Plate Monsters from

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