If you have 10 minutes and a can of non-petroleum based lubricant, you have all the tools you need to do a simple maintenance project sure to save you big money down the road.  If you are like me, you take your garage door for granted — that is until is stops working and your car is trapped inside!   (Just happened to me!)  According to Harold from AAA Overhead Door (my guy on call!), he recommends every 6 months, use a non-petroleum based lubricant (WD 40 or teflon spray product) to maintain your garage door. Here’s how:

  • Before starting, move your car out of garage, so it doesn’t get sprayed.
  • Spray all the joints on the inside of door.
  • Spray all the wheels on the side of the door that move the door up and down.
  • Spray the bar/track that runs from the motor to the door.
  • Spray the giant coils above the garage door.

That is it! A little maintenance goes a long way!

Harold also recommends doing this if your door starts getting really squeaky or noisy.  In addition, if you close your door and it pops back up, be sure to check the safety sensors at the bottom on either side of the door to make sure they are aligned.  He says that is the number one reason he gets called out, and it is an easy fix — But costs $ in labor charges to have him come out to do it!


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