Simple Kitchen Hacks


Kitchen Hacks – those time-saving, and sometimes money-saving, tips that can make things easier on you in the kitchen! I like to consider myself the Queen of Culinary Improvisation (or some would say the MacGyver of the Kitchen), so I’m sharing some great kitchen hacks sure to simplify things in the kitchen!

What A Cool Lunch Box! Place a water-soaked sponge in a plastic ziplock baggie and freeze – a perfect lunchbox cooler!

My Fresh Little Tomato! Store tomatoes stem side-end down to keep them from spoiling as quickly. This prevents air from entering and moisture from exiting the scar where the tomato once attached to the vine. Storing them at room temperature rather than in the fridge also makes them last longer.

“One Banana. . .” Keep bananas fresher, longer by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. Better yet, separate each banana, then cover the stem with plastic. The plastic wrap blocks ethylene gases from releasing out of the stem, consequently ripening the fruit too fast.

“Two Banana . . .” Peel a banana easier by taking a knife and making a small horizontal slice just under stem(where it connects to the banana) to open it easier! Do this before putting the banana in the school lunch box!

Wait, You Can Peel Fresh Ginger? The surface of fresh ginger is very knobby.  Forget the peeler – Peel ginger using a spoon! It is easier to get into the nooks and crannies!

Roll Out The Lemons! Juicing a lemon? Roll it before you juice it – it breaks up the cells inside, making it easier to get the juice out!

Seeds Are So Cheesy!  Wrap lemon in cheesecloth to prevent seeds! The cheesecloth allows for seed-free juice!

Thank you to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me on to share these tips!

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