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Time moves quickly. Like a snowball rolling downhill, time builds momentum – growing in importance each passing second, minute, hour, year. For me, this year is the pivotal year that I need to soak in the love, gratitude and togetherness while I can. Why?


Don’t get me wrong; I am not upset with it, just more amazed that we (the whole family) are at that point in our lives so quickly. It is the march of time AND life, and I am thankful to be able to enjoy every minute of it.

Granted, it feels like I just brought her home from the hospital two weeks ago, and now, we are looking at colleges together, sending her off for her first college semester this summer.

This is CRAZY! How can I be that old? How can SHE be that old?!

I am keenly aware that this is one of the last holiday seasons where we will be assured that our girls will be spending the holidays with us. In a few more years, we will probably have conflicting college schedules, possible plans to go home with roommates (or boyfriends!) for Thanksgiving. Eventually, the reasons for not getting together will be because of new jobs, distance, and – someone get me the tissues – spending holidays with the new in-laws!!

Mid-life crisis aside, I know that this is such a good thing! I’ve done all that I can to give both my girls confidence, courage and a sense of security within themselves, to prepare them for the adventures their lives will bring them. (I will say, secretly I hope they will want to include me in some of their adventures!)

This year at Thanksgiving, I will soak it in. I am thankful that my family is whole, together, and enjoying life. Yes, I am very thankful this year. Though I can’t stop the snowball of time from rolling, I WILL jump on top of it, dig in my hands and feet to hold on, and enjoy the ride all the way.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those most important to you! And if you can’t be with them, enjoy those you are with!

Simple Solutions Diva & Family - Just ignore the tight grip she & her husband have on the girls!
Simple Solutions Diva & Family Just ignore the tight grip she & her husband have on the girls!

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