Let’s face it, we know dust, pollen and grime adhere to your walls, whether they are painted or wallpapered! Here is the quick process to cleaning painted walls:

Dust! Dust walls (Top down) with a lambs wool duster, a clean white cloth tied on a broom, or even a Swiffer cleaner. Be sure to dust the corners and any woodwork (& baseboards), freeing them of both cobwebs and dust.

Get Washing! First, mix up a simple Wall Washing Solution – a mixture of one gallon of water with a good squeeze of liquid dishwashing detergent. Mix well.

  • Supplies: 2 buckets – one with the wall washing solution, the other with clean water.
  • A natural sponge – not colored sponges because they may deposit the color.

Working in small sections, dip the sponge in the solution and wipe gently. And be sure to wash from the bottom up, that way drips will run onto the wet surface, making them easier to wipe up and not leaving a dirty streak down the wall. Repeat the process in the same spot with the clean water. Repeat until you have finished the entire wall.

SIMPLE TIP: Wash The Entire Wall W/out taking a break, using the same washing solution. Don’t take a break in the middle, because you will end up with “wash marks”.

For Wall Paper – It depends on whether it is coated or scrubbable wallpaper, or if it is older paper.

If the wallpaper is older and uncoated, you can use something called a dry sponge that allows you to clean without water. You Can Find A Dry Cleaning Sponge Here!

Example Of A Dry Cleaning Sponge.
Example Of A Dry Cleaning Sponge.

If the wallpaper is coated/scrubbable, the process is similar to the process for a painted wall, just lighter on the water application: Dust, Mixture, Wash, then Wipe down with clean dry cloths.

I’d like to thank WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me to come on and share this Spring Cleaning Tip! 

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