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Mike, the Meat Manager at my local Publix grocery store, was so excited to share what he knows about steaks and grilling!  He highly encourages anyone to visit their local butcher or meat manager to find out what they recommend for steaks or any other types of meats or fish.  They can “steer” you in the right direction! (Pun intended!)

Here are Mike’s top  recommended cuts of beef as alternatives to more expensive cuts for grilling:

Flat Iron Steak (Also known as Hanger Steak) – This was the top choice of our Meat Expert. He noted that this cut of beef is starting to trend across the country. Great to marinate and grill.

Shoulder Tender Medallions – This was the runner-up to the Flat Iron as a favorite of our Meat Expert. Marinate overnight and grill.

Chuck Eye Steak  – According to our Meat Expert, this cut of beef doesn’t even need to be marinated.  It is a cut that is right next to the Ribeye, so flavor is all there.

Shoulder Steak – Great to marinate and grill.

Shoulder London Broil – The original London Broil cut. Marinate and Grill

Bottom Sirloin Steak Rolls– Marinate and grill.

Chuck Steak (Boneless) – Marinate and grill.


For great marinade recipes (including Mike’s Simple Marinade) for beef, fish and poultry, Click Here.


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