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Need A Little DIY “Coaching”?

Not everyone is handy with Do-It-Yourself projects, but if you are interested in how to do a few simple things around the house or apartment, check out The

Great website with videos that take you through some simple DIY repair projects for the home. This is the perfect website for a little “coaching,” whether you are an independent woman looking to learn or a manly man just needing a little reminder on how to handle a hammer!

Click on image below to visit The Handy Woman DIY!

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Summer Time = Camping Time! Camping Tips Round-Up

Fond memories of the family gathering around the camp fire, roasting hot dogs over the fire, telling stories sure to give you a chill — even in the summer weather! Summer campouts, whether in the Big Woods or the Big Backyard, makes fun for everyone.  But it takes work and planning, especially when it comes to meal planning.

Simple Solutions Diva has gathered together some great camping recipes and ideas that, hopefully, will make things easier for the meal planner!

Breakfast Ideas:

Pancakes on the Road– Everyone loves pancakes, but storing all the ingredients for camping can take up a lot of space! Try this tip: Make your pancake batter as the recipe states. Then pour all the batter into a large ziploc bag and freeze!  Once you are ready to use it, take it out of the freezer to thaw, snip off a corner of the bag, and you have quick & mess free pancake mix!  It’s a great way to use up a few cups of milk before it expires!

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:


Breakfast In A Bag Line the bottom of paper bag with bacon. Make sure to cover all of the paper and slightly up the sides, too. Crack egg(s) and drop on top of the bacon. Fold the top of the bag over a couple of times. Put the bag on the grate over the campfire. The eggs are done when the grease from the bacon is about half way up the side of the bag. (I have NEVER tried this, but I thought it was clever!)

Photo Credit: Dawn Dalto/Lakeland Gear Blog
Photo Credit: Dawn Dalto/Lakeland Gear Blog


Last Day Breakfast Plan– Super Camper, Rita Manyette, (Camping Enthusiast and  good friend of Simple Solutions Diva!) says get creative for your last breakfast at your campsite.  Use up leftovers for your breakfast so you don’t have to lug it home.  Take the odd hot dog or hamburger bun and use it for French Toast (this also applies to the last of the bread!).  The buns really soak up the egg. She also uses up the last of the flavored creamer her husband brings along on the trip as the milk in the French Toast. It adds a great flavor to the French Toast.


Meal Planning:

Marinade & Freeze Your Meats.  LOVE this great tip from Switch it up from the ususal hot dogs, hamburgers and beans-simply marinate meat/steak at home, toss in the freezer, and take on your trip for more upscale meals! Just take the meat out of the cooler to thaw on the morning of the day you plan to serve it. For tasty marinade recipes, Click Here!

“Containerize” Condiments-Save yourself time & money by packing small containers of condiments made up from the bigger sizes you already have in your fridge. This saves you from having to buy small sizes of condiments…saving you money. The smaller sized containers from home also fit into a cooler better. I like these little Tupperware containers. This is another great tip from

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Photo Credit:


Camp Cooker  (also know as Pie Irons) – Easy way to make individual meals, whether it is grilled, fried, baked, or toasted!  Kids can use these to be creative and make their own meals.  Be sure to look for cast iron types, because they will ensure uniform cooking.  Click to find Coghlan’s Cast Iron Camp Cooker.

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Photo Credit:


Planning and Organizing-For more great tips for organizing and preparing for your camping trip, plus super recipes, visit


Simple Idea: A Neighborhood Goodbye Gift

Last week, I had the opportunity to celebrate the new direction a neighbor is taking.  Her husband has a fantastic job opportunity that requires them to move away from the area.  She has been a part of our neighborhood for more than 10 years.  One of my neighbors (a crafty lady!) came up with this beautiful idea to send a little piece of the neighborhood with our friend.


Neighborhood Goodbye Gift

This gift features a beautifully framed (and matted) photo of the intersection sign of the street where our friend lives.  Flip the frame over, and each neighbor signed the back with well wishes.  A space was left to insert a photo of all the ladies who attended the goodbye lunch.

What a great gift idea!

Simple Idea: Don’t Toss The Graduation Tassel!

This is the season for graduations! After the mortar board and tassel are tossed in the air in celebration, where does the tassel end up? Usually, dangling from the rear view mirror (am I showing my age?)!  But it doesn’t have to stay there! I found a great way to save those tassels and I thought I’d share it with you.

alex ornament2

Simply take a clear, refillable ornament (4-inch size would be perfect) and insert the tassel, leaving the cord wrapped around the neck of the ornament. You can add confetti that coordinates with the school colors. Replace the top on the ornament, leaving the tassel suspended inside the ornament.

Now you have a beautiful keepsake of graduation that can be displayed year-round or as holiday ornaments!

To find 4-inch Clear Acrylic Fillable Keepsake Ornaments by the case (because you KNOW your friends will want to do this, too, for their kids!), Click Below!
Bulk Case of 24 Clear Acrylic 100mm Fillable Keepsake Ball Ornaments


Tassel 2

Simple Tip: Poll Says Mother’s Day Gifts Should Focus On Family
The Simple Solutions Diva herself, Laura Morey!

Going crazy trying to find the right gift for Mom on Mother’s Day? Stay away from store bought gifts and lean towards more meaningful family time with her, says an informal poll by, the site for simple solutions and ideas for the home, kitchen, garden and more, asked Facebook followers one question:

What would be your IDEAL Mother’s Day Gift to receive? (Just pretend you could have anything without feeling guilty!)  Answer Options Were:

  • A Store Bought Gift
  • A Homemade/Child-made gift
  • A Family Experience (like a family outing or Brunch/Dinner out)
  • A Personal Service (like a mani/pedi or spa treatment)
  • A Day To Yourself (To do whatever YOU want)

Out of 51 responses, 22 people responded Family Experience, with Personal Service a close second, with 17 responses. A Day To Yourself came in at 7 responses, with Homemade/Child-made gift sneaking in 5 responses.

Highlighting, perhaps, the fact that Moms value time, relationships and rest, absolutely no one selected A Store Bought Gift.  Far from a scientific poll, the results did offer some fun personal comments from moms:

“A big honkin’ gift card so I could buy all the other things on the list (and the day to myself to spend it)!!!!!”

“I believe I would enjoy the Spa treatment deal since my eye brows now look like caterpillars.”

I would like a maid, personal chef, nanny, and a driver. Is that too much to ask?”

“Cards and gifts were fun when the kids were little. Now I’d like a day to work on mini/dollhouse projects.”

“When my kids were little I would have cherished the homemade gift, but now that they are much older, and I work full-time plus some, I would love a day to just BE.”

Join Laura Morey, your Simple Solutions Diva, each week on Saturday where she features a new video highlighting simple ideas, recipes, or products that can make life easier.  “Keep it simple, make life easier, and enjoy your time.”

Summer Dreaming: Cool Beach Accessory

Turtle Back Cup HolderYes, I know, it may be a tad too early to be dreaming of the beach (not in Florida, but i don’t want to make anyone jealous!), but I found these cool little cup/beverage holders that would be perfect for the beach!

They are called TurtleBacks, and they are nifty little plastic beverage holders that nestle into the sand. Prevents beverages from tipping over PLUS you don’t get sand all over the cup or bottle!

The products start at $5.00 (for a plain one), $6.00 with a symbol (like the orange one above), and for $10.00 you can even have them customized with a logo or saying (50th Birthday Party Anyone?)!  Perfect way to enjoy your summer at the beach!

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Simple Solutions For Your Furry Friends

We love our pets, and Simple Solutions Diva has been on the lookout for great solutions for our pets.  Here The Diva’s Round Up For Popular Pet Products, starting with the dogs in your life (Click on photos for product information):

Kong On/Off Squeaker BoneA squeaker Toy with an On/Off Switch!  How many times do you wish you could make your dog’s favorite toy stop squeaking? Well this is the toy for you! From dog toy maker, Kong, this squeaker can be turned off when you want it off! Click the photo to the left to see where to get the toy.





DIY Mosaic Pet Bowl Coordinate Your Pet Food Bowl With Your Decor – Create to have a style upgrade for your pet food  bowl! Click the photo to see how to make a pet food bowl to coordinate with your home!




Slow Feed Plastic Bowl

Fido A Fast Eater? Slow Him Down With This Bowl – This food bowl design will get your pup to slow down at mealtime, instead of gulping or inhaling food.  Prevent Bloat, the second leading killer of dogs in the U.S., behind cancer.


Surefit Reversible Pet Cargo Mat



Car Covered In Canine Fur? This is the simplest solution, yet! Surefit, the slipcover company, offers this reversible pet cargo mat.  Fido enjoys the back of the car, and you are happy to keep the fur to a minimum!




Frontgate Indoor/Outdoor Surfin' Doggie Bed

Surf’s Up For Fido – Enjoy spending time with your pup by the pool?  Give her a place to lay down that’s not overheated by the sun.  This doggie bed is from Frontgate Catalog, and is a perfect item to place by the pool.




Feline Fun!

Four Paws Super Catnip Crazy Pants


Challenge Your Kitty With Catnip – The Four PawsSuper Catnip Crazy Pants has catnip sewn into the INSIDE of the pants.  A sure fire way to entertain your kitty AND you!




Twitch Interactive Cat Teaser Toy


Fun For Your Feline Friend – The Twitch, Interactive Cat Teaser Toy will keep your feisty feline entertained for hours!



Cat's Contour Ceramic Cat Bed




A Cool Place To Chill – We all know how our cats LOVE to sleep in sinks. Well now, you can give your furry friend a cool place to lay down and not have to share your bathroom sink!



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