Smug – that is what I first feel as I sit watching video of Black Friday shoppers storming the stores that dared to open on Thanksgiving.  It is easy to make fun of them.  So simple to look down upon them and say, “How ridiculous, how silly they are, losing sleep all to just get a deal on some electronic item, thinking it is something they NEED!”

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for togetherness with family and friends, right?  To gather together to give thanks for what we have, and reflect on what we strive for.

But then I realize something about those Black Friday Shoppers.   They are often with a partner – perhaps their child, their mom, their best friend, or husband.   They have huge smiles on their faces.  They have a goal; they face an adventure together that may, or may not, pan out.  They laugh with strangers, comparing their lists, asking what the other is there for.  They are thankful for their place in line, knowing they have it over all those who fall behind them. They strategize and plan.  They work together for a common goal.

Sounds a little like the original Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? (minus the bright lights and Black Friday Circulars!)

Thanksgiving Togetherness can be found across the country, in so many variations.  It is not the location of that celebration; it is not the size bird being served.  It is about the common goals and dreams — of both the individual and the community — and the ability to be thankful wherever you are.  Simple as that.

(Full Disclosure: Simple Solutions Diva is very thankful that her kids did not drag her out of bed at 3 a.m. this year to hit the stores like last year!)


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