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Simple Solutions Diva is a home-life/lifestyle tips source. Represented on the web through:

• (launched October 2012)
• Facebook (Facebook/Simple Solutions Diva)
• Twitter (@SimpleSolutionD)
• Pinterest (SimpleSolutionsDiva)

Once a week, Simple Solutions Diva posts video blogs (vlogs) focusing on various Simple Solutions for around the home, kitchen, garden and more. Vlogs will appear on website and Facebook pages; links will be provided on Pinterest and Twitter. Topics include:

Simple Recipes Once a month, our vlog will feature a simple recipe that is easy to make, requires few ingredients, or is just too yummy to pass up. Most recipes will be seasonally driven.

Simple Gadgets Once a month, our vlog will feature a great product that is simple in design, makes doing something around the home simple and easy, or is time-saving for the user.

Simple Ideas/Simple Products Our vlog will feature ideas or products that are time saving, money saving, or simple to do. These may include gadgets or kitchen products, or they may just be suggestions on how to do something a simple way.