• The Lover                            Supporting        M. Shoolizadeh
        • Veer!                                   Principal            Blue Llama Studios, LLC/Patrick Barry
  • Mansion On A Hill          Lead                    Iconic Innovations Media Group/Kevin Porter
  • Fins                                    Supporting          Morrow Productions/Jeff Morrow
  • The Attack                       Lead                     Retina Pictures/Noble Lee Lester
  • Cupcake                           Principal              Evolution Moving Pictures/John Powers
  • Planting Hope                Principal               FMPTA-JFC Production/Mark O’Brien
  • Censor                             Lead                     Crown Productions/Keith Hutchinson
  • Walking Through Fires   Principal           Lazarus Productions, LLC/Mark O’Brien
  • The Gainesville Ripper   Principal           Empty Bottle-Loaded Gun Productions/Josh Townsend


  • First Coast Living             Segment Contributor (OnGoing)  WTLV-TV/Bonnie Solloway
  • First Coast Living              Product Host (Dollar Tree)           WTLV-TV/Bonnie Solloway
  • The Chat (Pilot)                 Panelist                                          WTLV-TV/Bonnie Solloway
  • America’s Most Wanted   Under 5                                       Walsh Productions/Greg Klein


  • Brandon Pest Control        Principal                               Mad Men Marketing/ JD BLair
  • Gate Petroleum                 Principal                                 WAWS-TV/Fox 30
  • Mace Pepper Spray         Supporting                              Bruno White Entertainment
  • Terminix All Clear Mister (National)      Featured       The Cross Agency/Jon Nicolosi
  • 5 Hour Energy (National)     Extra                                  WW Productions/Bill Wegert
  • General RV Center               Principal                            WTLV-TV/Jim Herriff
  • Good Morning Jacksonville Promo    Principal          WTLV-TV/John Meisburg
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra     Principal         InMotion Video Product./Richard Johnson
  • Baptist Health/Go Red Campaign    Featured           WTLV-TV/Jim Herriff
  • Perniciaro Campaign                           Principal          Spectrum Films/Andrew Watt
  • North Florida Lincoln Mercury         Principal          The Other Agency, Columbia, GA
  • Ollie Koala’s Backyard                        Principal           Affiliated Worldwide/Jon Nicolosi


  •                   Host (Ongoing) LLC
  • Audi Sales Training Video                       Supporting        Audi Sales/Audi North Orlando, FL
  •      Host/”Cafe Mom Solutions”       Bruno White Entertain./Jim Weathers
  • Thurapy (Web Series)                          Series Regular      Mad Gator Films/Sharon Y. Cobb
  • Marco Optical Video                            Supporting           Red-E Media/Jared Kirkman
  • HomeBase Card                                    Host                      Deeplight Productions/Mick Richards
  • Women’s Health Group Video          Host                      Ed Roy Media/Ed Roy
  • Justice Coalition                                  Supporting            Spectrum Films/Jeff Tice
  • CSX Corporation Video                     Supporting             Spectrum Films/Jeff Tice
  • Liberty Tax                                           Principal                DME Studios
  • LINX Money Series Video                Principal                 Spectrum Films/Jeff Tice
  • Vistakon Contact Lenses                Principal                 Media Rapids/Steve Wishard


  • The Heating Pouch                            Host                     Ed Roy Media/Ed Roy
  • The New American Dream             Host                      FYI Media Services/Allan Mathews
  • HomeBase Exclusives Privileges Card   Host           Deeplight Productions/Mick Richards
  • Assist2Sell Showcase of Homes    Co-Host                Deeplight Productions/Mick Richards

Event Hosting:

  • World Arts Film Festival 2014      Event Host & Panel Host                  Karen Sadler, Director
  • Generation W 2014                       Segment Host                                    Donna Orender, CEO
  • Generation WOW 2013                Segment Host                                    Donna Orender, CEO
  •  JLG Brain Cancer Foundation      Emcee/Host/Live Auctioneer            Bronna Scoggins, Event Coordinator

Theatre/Live Performance:

  • The Circle                                                           Joyce                     Tina Lifford/Shirley Jo Finney/Alhambra Dinner Theatre
  • Pretending to Be Normal                              Dr. Wiseman         Milk&Honey Entertain./V.Antonio
  • Writer’s Block (Staged Reading-TV Pilot)       Multiple Roles     Florida Times-Union Cinemania
  • Keeping Hope Alive (Staged Reading-Film)    Hope                  Florida Times-Union Cinemania
  • PSS Medical/National Sales Conference     Nurse                  Williams/Gerard Productions, D.C.
  • Kiss Me Kate                                                       Lilly/Kate             Stage Troupe, Boston University
  • Hello Dolly                                                           Dolly                    Simsbury Summer Theatre For Youth, CT


  • Improv Class (Level 1) – Mad Cowford Improv/Jack Bisson
  • Auditioning for Taped Auditions – The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach, Anthony Paderewski
  • Show Host Intensive Boot Camp – Show Host Academy   British Hill
  • Commercial Audition Workshop – John Peros Casting  John Peros
  • Voiceover Training – Aaron Tucker
  • Hosting Workshop – The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach/PineRidge Film and TV   Jerry Smith
  • Audition Technique Workshop – Richard Futch, C.S.A.  Richard Futch
  • Audition Technique Class  The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach   Cindy Hogan
  • Actors Lab  – Backlight Theatre Group   Devlin Mann
  • Shakespeare Workshop – Backlight Theatre Group    Dr. Rob Clare
  • Film/TV Audition Workshop – Lori Wyman C.S.A.    Lori Wyman
  • Advanced Acting Class (On-Going); Audition Technique for Film/TV Class; Scene Study Intensive (Hogan/Thomas L. Phillips); Improv Workshop (Hogan/Bobby Parker) –  The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach, Jacksonville, FL    Cindy Hogan
  • Audition/Monologue Workshop –The A.C.T.I.N.G. Coach   Nanci Washburn (LA/San Diego Agent)
  • Actor Intensive Workshop –Actor’s School/Mullen Workshops, Orlando, FL   Rus Blackwell/Mark Mullen
  • Ear Prompter Training – Lindsey Films, Jacksonville, FL   Kent Lindsey
  • Professional Acting Seminar –Martini Shot Casting, Ltd. Co., Jacksonville, FL   Rita Manyette
  • Host/Teleprompter Workshop – Actor’s School/Mullen Workshops   Mark Mullen/Tim Powell

Special Skills:

Ear prompter; Teleprompter; Improv; Great Organizational Skills; Accents (Southern); Yoga; Animal noises that send my dog running.


Career History: 

Laura was a public relations professional for more than 18 years, achieving accreditation through The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).  For four years, Laura was also a sales and marketing account executive for a newswire service.  She is a graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications, with a Bachelor’s Degree in mass communications/public relations.