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  • SSD Bathroom Cleaning Tips

    Surprising Bathroom Cleaning Tips

      Who likes to clean the bathroom? Certainly not the Diva! But you can count on her to have some simple (and some surprising) tips to keeping your bathroom clean – besides calling in a cleaning service! Clean up every day! Really, if you just do a couple of small clean up jobs every day, […] Read more…

  • Dryer Too Slow

    Laundry Tips: Is Your Dryer Too Slow?

    Is your dryer slow to dry? Try these simple tips to get clothes dryer, faster: (Note-These are not meant to replace good maintenance of your dryer by a professional!) Lint Trap Issue #1– Check the lint trap. Between every use, you should remove the lint that is trapped there, but there may be some lint […] Read more…

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Simple Kitchen Tips

  • SSD Smoothie PAckets

    Make Your Morning Smoothie, The Simple Way

    My family loves a good smoothie for breakfast, but sometimes the morning rush leaves us without enough time to assemble the smoothie! Check out the simple video tip above for a simple solution to that time problem!   Frozen Smoothie Packet Recipes: Smoothie Flavor Combos – You are only limited by your imagination! Our current […] Read more…

  • SSD Fire

    Simple Tips To Stop A Kitchen Fire

    It is always important to know the steps to stop a small kitchen fire before it gets out of control! These tips are for informational purposes only, and are not to replace┬ácalling 911 in an emergency situation. Do not hesitate to call 911 when a fire is out of control! Read more…