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Mediterranean Herb Garden At Your Fingertips

I love to use fresh herbs when I am cooking! When I started looking at the types of herbs I use on a regular basis, I realized they all were herbs found in the Mediterranean climate! From Basil, Oregano and Rosemary, to Dill and Cilantro – all these herbs handle the sometimes dry, rocky terrain of the Mediterranean. So why not plant a Mediterranean Herb Garden! I love mine!

Here are just a few of the top Mediterranean Herbs – Plant what you like best!

Putting Pinterest To The Test: Can You Regrow Lettuce?


Ever thought some of those Pinterest Pins were a little too good to be true? Well, Simple Solutions Diva likes to test out some of Pinterest’s most popular pins to see how they work! Today, she features a pin that said you could easily regrow lettuce – basically giving you free lettuce! So does it work? Watch the video and see for yourself!

Also, if you want to save all that freshly cut lettuce, why not follow the Diva’s instructions on how to best store lettuce – Make Your Own Bagged Salad!



How To Propagate Succulents


I was thrilled when my succulents began to send out little offshoots, but then I thought, “What do I do with them now?”



But after some research, I found the process was simple:

1. Clip the offshoots and let the ends dry out for a week or two until the cut hardens, forming a “callous”.



2.  Lay the offshoots on top of a thin layer of cactus potting soil. Add a little water and then leave it in a bright area, but not in direct sun. After a few weeks, you should see little roots grow!



3.  Plant the rooted offshoots into cactus potting soil and place pot in a sunny spot -but not direct sunlight- until they take hold. Water weekly until the plants take hold and thrive! Enjoy them!



Kill Pesky Mosquitoes Before They Can Bite!


With concerns of the Zika virus spreading during the summer months, I wanted to address one way to prevent mosquitoes in our gardens and back yards. Specifically for those who love to have bird baths and fountains running in our gardens. My recommendations are not meant to replace, in any way, the constantly updating recommendations of the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). For complete and updated information, check out the CDC website (Click Here).

FYI – A running fountain is a deterrent to mosquitoes (they don’t want to land and lay eggs) –but if that motor stops and water becomes stagnant, even for a few days, it can become a breeding ground!


ssd Mosquitoes

Home Decor Trend: Succulents

Succulents add a touch of greenery and texture to any room, whether indoors or outside! While In California on a recent trip, I was inspired by these cute, textured pots that held little succulents, so I took a photo:

succulent 4


I used this photo to find inspiration to recreate the look, but more tailored to my home style.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon some adorable, textured mercury glass candleholders at West Elm. (If you aren’t familiar with the store, you can check them out here: West Elm Mercury Glass Candleholders) So, I used them as pots!

succulent 3

So these little guys are perfect indoors:

succulent 2


Or outdoors!

succulent 1

Home Decor Succulents


Worth Noting: West Elm deserves a little recognition for support of local, small businesses and entrepreneurs! They sponsor something called West Elm Local, where they invite selected, local creators of handmade items into their stores to sell their products! (For More Info – West Elm LOCAL).


When I went into their Jacksonville, FL store, they had 6 different merchants there, selling handmade items like soaps, baked goods, essential oils and more. They also happened to have someone selling handmade cement planters that were formed by using recycled materials! Of course, I bought one! Check Out Green Crete’s most recent work on Instagram.



Create A Windowsill Herb Garden


I love to cook with fresh herbs, and this little windowsill herb garden features my favorites I use all the time! The plant holder is something (an iron condiment holder!) I picked up on sale at Tuesday Morning. You could also use a square, wire napkin holder as well! Check out dollar stores near you to find an inexpensive one!

i suggest you use moisture control potting soil (I used Miracle Grow Moisture Control). It helps keep the plant from being over-watered or under-watered!

SSD Herbs2


SSD Windowsill herb


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