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Simple Fall Decor For Your Home


Happy Fall Y’all! I LOVE the cooler weather! Now is the perfect time to start decorating for the season, so I thought I would share some simple ways to bring a little fall into your décor!

Decorate With Mason Jars! You can buy mason jars in bulk at Publix, Walmart or other stores. They are very plentiful now because people are canning their summer produce.

Distressed Can Be Good! Check out these cute, painted & distressed mason jars! I used Krylon Flat White Spray paint from Michael’s, sprayed the clean mason jars, then, when they were dry, I used a fine sandpaper to lightly distress the jars. I finished them off by wrapping natural twine around the top and added fall hydrangea! So simple!




Get Leafy With It! If you like the look of fall leaves, grab a few, use glossy Modge Podge to affix the fall leaves to the mason jars – I use silk leaves when I do this project!

Love the Mercury Glass look? Grab a can of Krylon “Looking Glass” spray paint (I found it at a Michael’s Store) and spray the INSIDE of your mason jars. Add an LED candle inside and you have a cute candle! (Another Great Idea: You can also use the paint on the inside of one of those glass vases that come with flowers! I always have a few around the house! Or buy a simple glass vase from the Dollar Store!)


Bring A Little Nature Into The Home: Grab some pine cones from outside and use them in your decor! (But first be sure to dry & “debug” them with this simple tip from

Pine cones & Flowers – Now check out this cute Flower display – it looks like the flowers are sitting in a jar of pine cones! (the Trick is, you have 2 vases – one small, one large. Put small inside the large, then add pinecones in between the two! Flower stems go inside the smaller vase!)


Shop Your Home! Using pine cones and items around your home, you can create a Fall Tablescape that can take you from early Fall, Halloween on through to Thanksgiving! The tray is one that has been sitting in my bedroom. I had the three glass jars. I got the pine cones from outside, and then I just added items appropriate for the season – orange berry sprays for Fall, glitter pumpkins for Halloween, and I can add small gourds & mini pumpkins for Thanksgiving! The only thing I bought were the candles!


Dollar Store Deals – If you want to decorate for the fall, you’ve got to check out dollar stores NOW! They have all their products out for fall and Halloween! (And even a little Christmas now, too!) I found cute little mini pumpkins, felt placemats in the shape of fall leaves, and forms for wreaths!

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Thank you to WTLV-TV’s First Coast Living for inviting me on to share these simple tips!


Simple Halloween Decoration: Ghoulish Candles

What I loved about this project is I used items I had hanging around the house, so there was no expense involved in the project!


There’s just something about the romance of “bleeding” candles really screams Halloween!


SSD Halloween Candles 4
Ghoulish Halloween Candles from


What You Need:

  • White candle of choice – I used used pillar candles that I was about to get rid of, but you can use brand new candles as well.
  • Red candle – Make sure the candle you use is NOT a dripless candle! I used red tea lights I had hanging around (I had a bunch left over from Christmas).


Place white candle in or on candle holder of choice. Light the red candle, and very gently drip the hot wax down the sides of the white candle until it looks ghoulish enough to your liking!  That is it!

So simple, yet so creepy!

SSD Halloween Candles 2
Bleeding, Ghoulish Halloween Candles from


  • As with any project that involves a flame, keep lit candles in a safe place, away from potential fire hazards.
  • Do not leave home with candles lit – you don’t want to come back from trick or treating and find your house in flames!
  • Supervise children if they are doing this project. Hot wax and flames can be harmful to children, their clothes, their hair and eyebrows! (Take it from someone who lost an eyebrow as a kid!)



Simple Halloween Decor “How-To” Round-Up

Here are a few  “How-To’s” for some simple Halloween decor ideas that I featured on First Coast Living, WTLV-TV/NBC 12 (Jacksonville, FL).  I’ve tried to include ideas that were inexpensive and fun to make with the kids! Enjoy!


Spooky Eyes In The Bushes (or Trees, or really anywhere dark!)

Spooky Eyes In The Bushes, from
Spooky Eyes In The Bushes, from

Items Needed For Project:

  • Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife (if doing project with children, an adult should be in charge of work with Exacto knife)
  • LED/Battery Operated Tea Lights (Or you can use a string of colored or clear twinkle lights)
  • Duct Tape – Dark works best, so it will blend into the bushes.

Take empty toilet paper rolls and cut out spooky (or silly) eye holes. Then make a small slit in the back of the toilet paper roll.

Insert an LED/Battery Operated Tea Light into the slit in the back of the roll, and secure it with duct tape, leaving on/off switch exposed. (If using twinkle lights, insert bulb into slit, then secure cord/bulb to back of roll using duct tape)

Duct tape over the the open ends of the toilet rolls so no light escapes either side.

Place in bushes along walkway, or in dark corners of the house. Turn on tea lights (or plug in twinkle light cord) and you have spooky eyes twinkling in the bushes on Halloween night!


Table Top Ghost Decoration

Items Needed For Project:

  • Empty 2-litre soda bottle, or other tall empty bottle/jug.
  • One wire hanger, unraveled
  • One large styrofoam ball
  • Duct Tape
  • Cheese Cloth (Available in supermarkets and craft stores)
  • Spray Starch – Extra crisp spray, if possible.
  • washable towel (to protect surface)
  • Black felt circle (for eyes and mouth)



Create the “form” for ghost – Lay towel down to protect your work surface. Wrap wire hanger around neck of empty soda bottle, creating arms that extend out from the bottle.  Secure wire hanger in place with duct tape. Press styrofoam ball onto top of soda bottle to create the shape of the ghost’s head.

Drape cheesecloth over the ghost “form” to create illusion of a ghost. Arrange the “skirt” of the ghost at the bottom of the figure.

Spray heavily with spray starch. Let dry completely. Gently remove the ghost from the mold, being careful to retain the shape of the ghost.  Using black felt cut outs, glue eyes to the ghost. Set up on your table for a ghostly guardian of your Halloween table!


 Ghost Pathway Markers

Image 3
Ghost Pathway Markers, from

Items Needed For Project:

  • Multiple clear,empty plastic milk jugs (washed and dried)
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife
  • LED/Battery Operated Tea Lights or Glow Sticks (do not use real candles)
  • Black Permanent Markers (or black felt cut outs for eyes, nose and mouth)

Cut off top of milk jug. jugs

Using black permanent marker, draw ghostly eyes and mouth on front of milk jug.  Place LED/Battery Operated Tea Light or activated glow stick into milk jug and place along walkway or driveway.


Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Planters from
Pumpkin Planters from

Items Needed For Project:

  • Artificial pumpkin
  • Pumpkin carving tool or small, serrated knife
  • Screwdriver, or other pointy tool
  • Potting Soil
  • Pea Stone for drainage (available from hardware stores)
  • One Fall Plant of equal (or slightly smaller) size  to the artificial pumpkin. I love using mums because they are a hearty plant and can take a little abuse!
  • Optional – Garden gloves, gardening trowel.

Cut off the top of the artificial pumpkin, cutting at approximately the pumpkin starts to become wider. (usually about 1-2 inches from the top).  Using a screwdriver or other pointy tool, poke drainage holes in the bottom of your pumpkin. Pour about an 1-2 inches of pea stone into bottom of pumpkin to provide drainage AND heaviness to keep the pot upright.

Arrange potting soil in bottom of pumpkin, allowing enough room to place the plant.  Arrange until plant looks right to you in the pumpkin, then fill remainder with potting soil. Place outside and water thoroughly. For a more visual explanation, Click Here for video!

Glowing Ghosts – The Great Pumpkin

Image 5
The Great Pumpkin Glowing Ghost, from

Items Needed For Project:

  • Black or White cheese cloth/gauze
  • Large plastic pumpkin bucket
  • Glow sticks
  • Fishing wire or string

Set up paper wedding bells. Drape cheese cloth over pumpkin bucket in ghostly fashion, being sure to create a hole to attach a string on handle.

When ready to display at night, activate glow stick and place in bottom of bucket. Use fishing wire or string to hang the “Great Pumpkin ghost from trees outside.


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