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Hydrating Avocado Oatmeal Facial Mask

Winter definitely has dried out my skin! With the heat running, and cold wind whipping my face, I’m starting to look a little ruddy! Well this DIY facial mask takes care of both the dryness and the redness! It’s all natural and takes 5 minutes to make!

Just be sure to lay down and relax while the mask is on your face – enjoy the moment! Don’t do what I had to do at the end of this video – go dig out all the sticky mess of the mask that dropped down my shirt!



Why I Am Going Naked For A Month

I have decided to go naked for a month, and I am glad I am doing it! Going “Au Naturel” is very freeing! Ditching acrylic nails has been a very positive experience so far. (Wait, what did you think I meant?) Having acrylic nails on & off for the last seven years, it was time to give my nails a breather.

I know. They aren’t very pretty right now. This was what they looked like immediately after I had them removed:


Right now, a week into not having acrylics, I’m dealing with super-sensitive nails and fingertips. I can’t reach into my purse to grab something without getting that “nails across a chalkboard” feeling. Cringe-worthy.  But I believe it will be worth it all in the end. Hopefully heathy, stronger nails.

If you have acrylic nails, why don’t you join me for a month? Send me your photos of your naked nails (NO OTHER naked pics, please! ?) at

Clean Those Makeup Brushes!

Makeup Brushes – A Girl’s Best Friend! 

I use my makeup brushes every day. They are the tools of my trade! Years ago, when I started breaking out on my face, I realized that I needed to keep them clean. Turns out, the combination of old makeup and oils is just a breeding ground for germs!

So gather up a small bowl or cup, some baby shampoo and follow my easy steps for cleaning your makeup brushes!


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