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  • Etiquette Tips For Dining Out

      Laura Morey sits down with etiquette expert Sandi Galloway to discuss etiquette while dining out. You might be surprised by a few of the tips – I know I was quite surprised by a few! To learn more about Sandi Galloway, visit Read more…

  • Make A “No Sew” Scarf

    I’ve always fancied myself a seamstress. . . As a kid, I used to make costumes for my cats, making them get married or go to a ball. I’d spend hours on costumes, and quite a bit of time trying to get them on the cats! Once done, I’d sit back and admire my work, as I applied […] Read more…

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  • Simple Fall Decor For Your Home

    Happy Fall Y’all! I LOVE the cooler weather! Now is the perfect time to start decorating for the season, so I thought I would share some simple ways to bring a little fall into your décor! Decorate With Mason Jars! You can buy mason jars in bulk at Publix, Walmart or other stores. They are […] Read more…

  • Tips To Create A Photo Wall!

      I LOVE photos of my family (If you doubt it, check out this #ClearTheClutter video I did with professional organizer Chris Stone of on how to reduce the number of photos you have!)!  So it was a natural progression for me to create a photo wall in my home! The Diva’s Simple Tips To Create […] Read more…

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